AGC ACTIVE DAY - A slightly different view of the glass

Tuesday June 14 from 11 am to 6 pm

AVANT Business Centrum, City Tower, 27th floor

AGC supplies glass for The Sign in Milan

Urban renewal at its finest: a stunning new business complex built on a redeveloped industrial site

Thermalium, the heart of the Teplice Spa, is decorated with Lacobel and Matelac glass

Thermalium is an exclusive complex of thermal swimming pools and is available not only to spa guests, but also to Teplice residents and all visitors.

New AGC Processing Teplice brochure to download

We have prepared a new brochure for you with a comprehensive overview of our products, technologies and services.


AGC supplies Armada Mobility with high-performance glass for use in public information displays at Dutch train stations

ProRail, the company that operates the Dutch rail infrastructure, manages 4,000 travel information displays at 400 train stations in the Netherlands. With a view to making the displays easier to maintain, ProRail launched a project to upgrade certain components for some types of displays.

AGC has opened a new showroom in DOX

We are pleased to announce that we have opened a showroom and a place for business meetings for meetings with our customers and partners at a renowned address in the DOX Gallery in Prague.

Spectrum - Brussels

An icon in the heart of Europe

Spectrum is a mixed-use project featuring an excellent location, enchanting architecture, advanced energy-efficiency technologies and a stylish design that radiates elegance and refinement: Spectrum never ceases to impress!

CityLife – Milan

AGC glass transforming the Milan skyline

CityLife is a new residential, commercial and business district in Milan, Italy. The project involved the construction of three skyscrapers, with dedicated areas for offices, stores, restaurants and services. 

AGC Deco Day

AGC Deco Day

Thursday June 10 from 1 to 4 pm

You are invited to a professional seminar on the topic of flat glass in interiors.

Artlite ProNatura

In collaboration with ornithologists, AGC glassworks has developed glass for the protection of birds

One of the current topics that architecture has been dealing with, is the protection of birds from hitting glass. Ornithologists estimate that up to 100 million birds die in Europe every year due to flying into glass surfaces, thus we are facing a problem that needs to be addressed.

Kallmorgen Tower

AGC Glass Europe participated in the modernization of the Kallmorgen Tower, an office complex in central Hamburg, made of glass and steel and named after the renowned architect Werner Kallmorgen.

The One

Conveniently located in the heart of Brussels’ European District, The One tower combines office space and housing units.

Generali Tower

The 44-story Generali Tower, 191 m high, is the second tallest skyscraper in the CityLife complex, a redevelopment area covering 366,000 m² that was formerly occupied by the Milan´s fairground and exhibition facility. At the base of the tower, which has a total floor area of 67,000 m², are a public piazza and a shopping area.

Lakhta Center

Soaring above the Primorsky business district on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, Russia, the Lakhta Centre is an ultra-modern complex that connects office space (including the headquarters of Gazprom headquarters) with recreational and cultural facilities.

The tallest residential high-rise building in the Czech Republic impresses with timeless technological solutions

The astonishing V Tower, the tallest residential building in the Czech Republic, has caused quite a stir both at home and abroad thanks to a unique combination of fittings, design, size and sophisticated details never before seen in the Czech Republic. Two years after its completion the project still attracts a great deal of attention because of the technological solutions deployed.

AGC for Fondazione Prada: A perfect combination of architecture and art, innovation and a sense for experimenting

AGC Glass Europe, the European leader in flat glass production, reaffirms its position as an exceptional partner in the world of design and participates with its glass in the creation of an eclectic-style building: the Prada Foundation in Milan, a prestigious museum dedicated to culture and contemporary art.

Sustainability and specifications

The demand for energy-efficient glazing has been steadily growing, partly driven by legislation, and the need to improve sustainability.

Thanks to Clearsight glass, AGC gained valuable points in the sanctuary of English rugby

AGC-supplied Clearsight glass has become a key element in the facade glazing of the eastern grandstand at Twickenham Stadium, which reopened in December 2018.

Stopray Ultra-70 on Clearvision and Stopray Titanium 34T

AGC launches two new solar protection coatings this fall: Stopray Ultra-70 on Clearvision and Stopray Titanium 34T, thus responding to market developments and customer expectations and coming up with best high-performance products.

New glass with solar control

Better insulating properties and aesthetic effect

AGC launches new coated glass: Stopray Vision-52, Stopray Vision-52T, Stopray Vision-62 and Stopray Vision-62T

Clearsight – Anti-reflective glass

Better appearance thanks to Clearsight, the new anti-reflective glass from AGC. A special anti-reflective coating helps minimize glare and reduces light reflection to just 0.8%, which is significantly lower than with conventional float glass.

Mirox 4Green – Fully ecological mirror

In line with its sustainable approach, AGC is offering an improved range of eco-friendly mirrors. Now this range has been expanded with a novelty, the premium Mirox 4Green mirror, which relies on the use of lead-free paints.

Planibel Easy – Easy-clean glass

AGC Glass Europe has launched the special Planibel Easy glass. With Planibel Easy Clear and Planibel Easy Blue, it is now much easier to keep your windows and your winter garden spik and span. Gain more natural light in your interiors!

Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze certificate for Thermobel insulating glass

AGC Glass Europe was the first glass manufacturer in the world to receive the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze certificate for its Thermobel insulating glass. It thus continues to fulfil its commitments aimed at continuously improving environmental performance.

The Energy Savings Project for the manufacture of AGC Processing Teplice a.s. is co-financed by the European Union

The aim of the project is to reduce the energy efficiency of AGC Processing Teplice a.s.

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