FINEO – Window Renovation

How to renovate original wooden windows with single glazing, if we want to preserve their appearance and at the same time increase thermal comfort in the interior?

In the apartment building from 1925 in the wider historical centre of Brno, many original elements have been preserved, including wooden windows with single panes. Users of one of the apartments started solving the problem of how to ensure higher thermal comfort and lower energy costs. However, they wanted to restore the windows in such a way that their original appearance was preserved and at the same time the requirements of historic preservation were respected. Replacing the entire windows was therefore out of the question. And since insulating triple glazing cannot be used for the renovation of sash and casement windows, because it is thick and its weight would put too much weight on the original window frames and fittings, the apartment users began to look for a suitable solution. This ultimately turned out to be FINEO vacuum insulating glass. Come with us to visit the apartment and see for yourself: installation of unique FINEO vacuum insulating glass.

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