Types of applications and uses of glass

Not sure what glass to use and where to use it? We will advise you how to use glass appropriately, what the current trends are and also which glass is ideal for your project. Let us inspire you about all possible glass applications in the interiors as well as exteriors of buildings.

What are the benefits of working with us?

AGC offers a wide range of glass products. Thanks to our extensive network of subsidies and our installation team, we are always close-by. We are offering glass from the drawing board up to the final installation. Choose the fitting glass for your application and contact us.

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    We offer the widest range of glazing on the market. We are also expanding our services by fittings and other installation material.
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    It only depends on your wishes. We always offer you the right product: clear, glossy or insulating glass.
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    We are offering top products and services, but nevertheless, our prices remain competitive.
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    The quality of the final product is of main importance to us – we don’t compromise!
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    We approach each order individually and strive for high quality of the resulting services.
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    Our wide range of products allows us to find the right solution for each project.

Where to use glass and what glass to use

Wide use of glass in the home is the main function of glass applications. Glass elevates your home in an aesthetic way. And it can also protect you from uninvited guests. Well processed glass is a highly durable and resistant material that is easily cleaned and kept in perfect condition.

The kitchen is the heart of the household

Glass gives your kitchen elegance and a unique modern look. Thanks to its technical parameters and processing options, it also provides you with a number of advantages, such as easy installation in a dry way during operation and within just a few hours. Various types of glass in a wide range of colours add a new dimension to your kitchen. The main benefits of glass in the kitchen are easy maintenance and lasting durability. Large glass format surfaces need only a minimum of joints.

The highest demands are placed on the bathroom

Forget about traditional tiles and their many joints. Bathroom facing made of back-painted glass with glossy or matt finish , glass shower enclosures and screens, large-format clear or coloured mirrors, washbasin tops made of satin glass… There is more than enough space for glass in the bathroom, so why not use it? Give your bathroom an original look without joints.

Doors and partitions

Elegant design with a touch of luxury and long life, such are the glass doors and walls that are part of your interior design. Moreover, if you prefer light, easy maintenance and are interested in safety, then all-glass doors and walls are the ideal choice for your interiors. They are an impressive design element for every home, but also for offices and hotels.

A luxurious look for your furniture

Glass is a very popular material, and it appears more and more not only in windows and walls, but also in furniture itself. Clear, painted, acid-etched and patterned glass and mirrors are used as shelves, tables, glass doors or for inbuilt wardrobes. Glass is easy to maintain, has a long lifespan and attractively complements your interior design.

Where to put clothes?

Inbuilt or free-standing wardrobes help you solve problems with the lack of storage space and, when glass is used, they also become a decorative element in your interiors. We are offering opaque back-painted glass, translucent matt glass and traditional or semi-transparent mirrors as door panels. You have a huge range of glass types, finishing and shades to choose from.

Stairs and railings

Glass railings and stairs are a favourite design element that turn your interiors into a modern space with a touch of luxury. We create railings and stairs with an emphasis on their key function, which is safety! Mainly, tempered and laminated safety glass is used, which protects against injury and falling.

Insulating windows, awnings and winter gardens

In the case of insulating windows and winter gardens, their functionality clearly plays a major role. Besides light transmittance and visual comfort, we are mainly concerned with thermal insulation and solar, noise and fire protection. We are happy to design for you a suitable glazing composition so that your windows serve you well!

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