The kitchen is the heart of the household

Glass gives your kitchen elegance and a unique modern look. The main benefits of glass in the kitchen are easy maintenance and lasting durability. Large glass format surfaces need only a minimum of joints. Discover our world of glass elements for your kitchen!

Glass backsplash behind the kitchen unit

If you want to make your kitchen stand out with glass, the ideal solution from the design standpoint and practicality is a glass backsplash. We produce it to measure and assemble it precisely machined, including all cut-outs for cabinets, drawers and switches. Installation can also be carried out in an existing kitchen within a few hours during operation.

Used glass types

Lacobel® Lacobel®T Matelac® Matelac®T Mirox MNGE®

Tempered glass backsplash

When the highest quality and durability of glass is demanded, we also offer backsplashes made of tempered glass with the best technical properties. Compared to ordinary glass, tempered glass is resistant to high temperatures and thermal shock, has 5 times higher resistance and 3 times greater solidity. You cannot break it during normal work in the kitchen.

Used glass types


Tables with glass top

There is nothing more elegant and practical than a table with a glass top. Glass is a smooth, durable, easy to wash and low-maintenance material that gives your interiors a touch of luxury. If you follow certain advice when using and maintaining it, it will last for a very long time, and even after many years, it will still look the same.

Used glass types

Artlite® Lacobel®T Matelac®T Planibel® Clear Planibel® Coloured Stratobel® Matelux®

Kitchen cabinet doors with glass panels

Another element in the kitchen, where it is appropriate to use glass, are kitchen cabinet doors. Suitable panels are painted (opaque), matt, patterned (translucent), clear and coloured glass (transparent) and mirrors.

Used glass types

Artlite® Imagin® Lacobel® Lacomat® Matelac® Mirox MNGE® Planibel® Clear Planibel® Coloured Stopsol Matelux®

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