A comprehensive and complete solution for your projects, production of oversized insulating glass, glass for interior applications and further processing of flat glass


AGC Processing Teplice a.s. offers a wide range of products with solutions for almost all construction projects, whether it is in form of insulating windows, facades of commercial buildings or the interior of a private house or office building. The newly equipped plant in Teplice offers a comprehensive solution for large glass formats. The history of the company dates back to 1925.

About us

AGC Processing Teplice consists of two plants. The larger plant in Teplice is focused on the production of oversized insulating glass and tempered and laminated safety glass. The smaller plant is located in Kryry. 

AGC Processing Teplice – the Teplice plant is processing basic flat glass for AGC Glass Europe. Thanks to our long history and experience, we are a stable supplier of processed glass on the Czech market. The Teplice plant recently received new equipment, enabling it to process and produce flat glass in dimensions of up to 600x321 cm – the so-called JUMBO FORMATS. This comprehensive product range allows for many possibilities for the use of glass in construction. Our glass can have thermal insulation properties (THERMOBEL) or sun protection (STOPRAY), it can be safety glass (laminated safety glass STRATOBEL or thermally toughened glass) or fire-resistant glass (PYROBEL) or design glass. Thanks to a wide range of products, there is a perfect solution for everyone. 

AGC Processing Teplice – the Kryry plant is processing basic flat glass for AGC Glass Europe. This plant is mainly focussing on serial production of final flat glass products for the furniture and bathroom segment, as well as production with higher added value (UV gluing, sandblasting, foiling etc.) according to customer requirements and on the production of glass with high quality requirements for display applications. The comprehensive range of products offers many possibilities for using glass in your interiors and for industrial applications. Our glass is mirrors (MIROX), back-painted glass (LACOBEL), back-painted glass with a matt surface (MATELAC), a wide range of processed clear glass (PLANIBEL CLEARLITE, PLANIBEL CLEARVISION) and tinted glass (PLANIBEL COLOURED). Thanks to a wide range of products, there is a perfect solution for every interior. 

All AGC Processing Teplice companies offer a glass installation service directly for the end customer. You can find ideas on the use of flat glass and the contacts for the installation service in the APPLICATIONS section.

AGC in numbers

AGC Processing Teplice operates throughout Europe, manufactured glass is supplied e.g. to markets of Great Britain and Scandinavia. Its products are shipped to major Czech manufacturers of windows and facade systems.

400 k +


In Teplice we produce every year over 400,000 insulating glazing units.
100 +


Our glass is used on over 100 large construction sites a year.


We process flat glass in the Czech Republic in two plants.

AGC glass possibilities

We are able to offer unlimited possibilities of use and application of AGC glass.

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If you have a question, our experts will contact you