Where to put clothes?

Inbuilt or free-standing wardrobes help you solve problems with the lack of storage space and, when glass is used, they also become a decorative element in your interiors. We are offering back-painted glass, translucent matt glass and traditional or semi-transparent mirrors as door panels. You have a huge range of glass types, finishing and shades to choose from.

Inbuilt and free-standing wardrobes

The front side of a wardrobe serves primarily as a surface to complete the interiors. Very popular and impressive is the combination of glossy and matt back-painted glass matching tone for tone. Favoured glass in wardrobes also includes coloured mirrors and the lesser-known semi-transparent mirrors (reflective, and transparent when backlit). We are happy to help you design suitable glazing.


Used glass types

Artlite® Imagin® Lacobel® Lacomat® Matelac® Mirox MNGE® Planibel® Coloured Stopsol Matelux®

The use of glass-filled and glazed wardrobes

Glazed wardrobes and cabinets have their place not just in the home. They find their ideal application in an all-glass configuration also in medical, spa or sports facilities, as clothes cabinets e.g. They combine modern design, long life, and, above all, easy maintenance in connection with higher demands on hygiene.


Used glass types

Artlite® Lacobel® Lacomat® Matelac® Mirox MNGE® Planibel® Coloured Stopsol Matelux®

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