A luxurious look for your furniture

Glass is a very popular material and more and more it appears not only in windows and walls, but also in furniture itself. Clear, lacquered, matt and patterned glass and mirrors are used as shelves, tables, glass doors or as filling for built-in cabinets. Glass is easy to maintain, has a long lifespan and attractively complements your interior design.

Glass shelves

Do you need to add shelf space to your interiors? Choose from our wide range of shades and finishes of our clear, satin or lacquered design glass – whether you use it in the living room or in a hotel bathroom, a glass shelf easily blends in with the surrounding space and gives your interiors a touch of luxury.


Used glass types

Artlite® Lacobel® Matelac® Planibel® Clear Planibel® Coloured Stopsol Stratobel® Matelux®

Glass cabinet doors

Glass cabinet doors are a very aesthetic element in furniture – back-painted glossy glass and matt glass define space precisely, and on the other hand, clear, patterned and acid-etched glass lets you peek inside. Glass is suitable for mounting in various frames and is used mainly in kitchens and inbuilt wardrobes. Thanks to easy maintenance and a long lifespan, you will be satisfied!


Used glass types

Artlite® Imagin® Lacobel® Matelac® Mirox MNGE® Planibel® Clear Planibel® Coloured Stopsol Matelux®

Tables with glass top

There is nothing more elegant and practical than a table with a glass top. Glass is a smooth, durable, easy to wash and low-maintenance material that gives your interiors a touch of luxury. If you follow certain advice when using and maintaining it, it will last for a very long time, and even after many years, it will still look the same.


Used glass types

Lacobel®T Lacomat® Matelac®T Planibel® Clear Planibel® Coloured Stopsol Matelux®

Inbuilt wardrobes

Inbuilt wardrobes are an ideal application for glass – the large smooth surfaces without joints are easy to maintain, and a wide selection of colours, finishes and patterns ensures that your wardrobe becomes an integral and practical part of your interiors. You can try for example a fancy combination of glossy and matt glass matching tone for tone.


Used glass types

Imagin® Lacobel® Lacomat® Matelac® Stopsol Matelux®

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