Insulating windows, awnings and winter gardens

In the case of insulating windows and winter gardens, their functionality clearly plays a major role. Besides light transmission and visual comfort, we are mainly concerned with thermal insulation and solar, noise and fire protection. We are happy to design a suitable glazing composition so that your windows serve you well!

Insulating glazing

Insulating double and triple glazing is used to ensure thermal insulation. Thanks to the use of high-quality and functional coatings, this glass offers optimal thermal comfort all year round. When designing insulating glazing, one must first determine what properties the final product should fulfil. Insulating triple glazing can have functions such as solar control, safety protection, acoustic comfort, fire protection or it can be a tasteful design element for the building facade.


Used glass types


Window modernization

Is it time to modernize your windows? Is their thermal insulation no longer sufficient? If you don’t feel like changing your windows, we are offering their modernization, i.e. re-glazing the windows, where only the glass is replaced instead of the entire window. This will extend their service life, save you money on heating and you can avoid investing in new windows. We help you with finding the suitable glazing.


Used glass types

Stratobel® Thermobel® Stratophone®

Awnings and canopies

Awnings and canopies are a facade design element that emphasizes the space around the house, but above all, protects against bad weather, while not preventing the transmission of daylight. When designing a technical solution for a glass awning or canopy, we always assess the statics of the structure and accordingly we suggest a suitable type of glazing, including the anchoring.


Used glass types


Pergola roofing

Who wouldn't like to sit under a pergola enjoying a good cup of coffee? If you decide to install a pergola with a glass roof, you need to choose a glass type that can withstand all weather conditions, including severe frost, hail and UV radiation. We are happy to advise you on the right glazing composition and thus ensure a long service life for your pergola.


Used glass types


Winter gardens

Winter gardens inspire with the idea of comfortable relaxation in contact with nature and evoke a feeling of cosy security. However, let’s not forget that these are large glazed areas, so it is necessary to choose the right glazing composition to secure the interiors and prevent them from overheating. We are experts in safety glass with solar control!


Used glass types

Stratobel® Thermobel® Stratophone® Luxclear

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