The highest demands are placed on the bathroom

Forget about traditional tiles and their many joints. We have bathroom facing made of glossy or matt lacquered glass, glass shower enclosures and screens, large-format clear or coloured mirrors, washbasin tops made of acid-etched glass… There is more than enough space for glass in the bathroom, so why not use it? Give your bathroom an original look without joints.

Glass facing for the bathroom

As for the kitchen, glass facing is practical and elegant in the bathroom. Undoubtedly, the main advantages are the unique design and easy maintenance thanks to a minimum of joints – you have all the choices, what format and size of facing you decide on and what shapes you have the large-format glass cut into. Or you can also just leave it to us.


Used glass types

Lacobel® Lacobel®T Matelac® Matelac®T Mirox MNGE®

Shower enclosures and screens

Clear or matt, patterned or printed? You find all that you want. In addition, our offer includes the unique Luxclear glass, which was developed especially for shower applications: it has an invisible magnetron coating that protects its surface and slows down the aging process caused by contact with water (it prevents the formation of whitish deposits on the glass).


Used glass types

Artlite® Imagin® Lacobel® Planibel® Clear Planibel® Coloured Stopsol Matelux® Luxclear

Glass washbasin tops

Glass washbasin tops can be made of the same or similar glass as glass used elsewhere in the bathroom. You can choose from different shades and patterns. We produce the tops to order and assemble them with all the cut-outs. Irregular or rounded shapes are not a problem for us. We work mostly with thick acid-etched glass with a uniquely matt surface.


Used glass types

Artlite® Lacobel®T Planibel® Clear Planibel® Coloured Stratobel® Matelux®


Every bathroom needs of course a large mirror that will enlarge and illuminate your interiors. Mirrors from AGC glassworks are premium ecological mirrors with low lead content in the varnish, high corrosion resistance and are available in 4 shades.


Used glass types

Mirox MNGE® Mirox 4Green+

Bathroom furniture from glass

Do you lack storage or shelf space in the bathroom? Choose from a range of clear, satin or lacquered glass designs, and complement your bathroom with a tasteful shelf or practical cabinet. Thanks to a wide range of shades, you can easily match glass furniture with the rest of your interiors.


Used glass types

Lacobel® Lacobel®T Lacomat® Matelac® Matelac®T Mirox MNGE® Planibel® Clear Planibel® Coloured Matelux®

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