AGC Glass Europe Award for Sustainable Design

Designblok 2023 Awards: The international jury awarded the best achievements of the 25th year of the festival. The absolute winner and Grand Prix holder is the young company Cake Houses with the project of a configurable house. The AGC Glass Europe Award for Sustainable Design went to Ineke Hans for the project of the first REX reversible chair.

Designblok honoured the winners of the 25th year of the festival. Designblok prizes in eight categories were won by creators who managed to appeal to an international jury made up of professionals in the field of design. The Grand Prix (Prize for an extraordinary achievement) was won by the start-up Cake Houses, debuting with a house project that is completely customizable to the owner.

One of the newest Designblok Awards categories is the Award for Sustainable Design. And since our glass factory considers sustainability to be a fundamental part of its corporate values ​​and a necessary condition for all its activities, and has committed itself to long-term steps towards carbon neutrality, we decided to motivate designers to create sustainably and to projects reflecting current ecological topics and became the announcer of this award. A separate expert jury composed of journalists and other professionals from the field of sustainable design is formed every year for this category.

The AGC Glass Europe Award for Sustainable Design went to the star of contemporary Dutch design, Ineke Hans, for the completely unique project of the first REX reversable chair. The winner also receives free exhibition space at Designblok 2024 and an invitation to visit one of our production plants.

Prizes were also awarded for the best school presentation, furniture, home accessories, installation by designer and manufacturer. The Public Award was newly awarded, in which thousands of festival visitors participated through online voting. The winners were announced by the organizers and judges on Sunday, October 8, as part of a gala dinner in the Rudolf Gallery at Prague Castle.

However, the 25th edition of the Designblok festival does not end completely - the Designblok Cosmos and Made by Fire exhibitions in the Prague Castle area can be viewed until Sunday, October 15, 2023 with a festival pass or after purchasing a separate ticket.


Grand Prix (Award for an extraordinary achievement): Cake Houses (Pavel Špringl, Matyáš Švejdík and Šimon Marek)

AGC Glass Europe Award for Sustainable Design: Ineke Hans - REX

Public award: Moser

Best school presentation: UMPRUM - UMPRUM.wav

Best furniture: mmcité - Morse Collection (Designers Studio Segers)

The best home accessories: LLEV - PSYCHEE vases, INNATURA glasses

Best Designer Installation: Marie Radke

Best manufacturer installation: Moser (by Jan Plecháč)

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