Thermalium, the heart of the Teplice Spa, is decorated with Lacobel and Matelac glass

Thermalium is an exclusive complex of thermal swimming pools and is available not only to spa guests, but also to Teplice residents and all visitors. The complex of thermal pools is the only one of its kind: it is the largest, warmest and most modern thermal pool in the Czech Republic filled with an undiluted thermal spring Pravřídlo. We are glad that the Lacobel and Matelac glossy and matt painted glass also played a role in this project, in the form of large glass cladding. Its assembly was provided by the AGC Processing Teplice installation team.

General reconstruction of the pool and balneology premises

Thermalium was built in the very center of the Beethoven Spa House, on the site of the original pool. It was closed after 20 years of continuous operation and, together with the entire balneology premises, underwent a general reconstruction worth a quarter of a billion crowns. After 13 months of extensive construction work, the work of architect Petr Sedláček was completed and opened.

Pravřídlo thermal spring

The healing effects of thermal water can be enjoyed by up to 80 visitors at a time in swimming pools with an area of 450 m2. The Pravřídlo thermal spring is in both pools in full, 100% concentration. The temperature of a large rehabilitation pool with the dimensions of 24 x 14 meters is 35°C, the second, 20 m long and 6 m wide pool intended for swimming, has a slightly lower temperature of 29°C. The pool, used for rehabilitation and relaxation, is decorated with statues of a pig herder and a girl drawing water, which used to stand in front of the Beethoven Spa House.

Large glass cladding

The walls of the main pool are lined up to a height of 2.7 m with glass panes made of LACOBEL glossy painted glass and MATELAC frosted painted glass in White Pearl color, and in places also with stone cladding, which forms the background for the installation of sandstone statues of “Herder”, a symbol of discovering the spring and “Girl”, a symbol of its acceptance.

Glass installation and bonding

In addition to the more demanding part of the work, where the assembly technicians had to carry all the glass several floors up, the installation of the glass is very simple and quick and is done in a clean, dry manner. Silicones and other products from the FIX-IN system were used for bonding. It is a product line intended for glass bonding, certified directly by the AGC glassworks as a glass manufacturer (visit for more information).

AGC Processing Teplice installation team contact: 

Jiří Grepl
Installation Team Manager
+420 606 634 864

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