New glass with solar control

Better insulating properties and aesthetic effect

AGC launches new coated glass: Stopray Vision-52, Stopray Vision-52T, Stopray Vision-62 and Stopray Vision-62T

Large glazed facades require highly selective glazing, which allows as much daylight as possible to penetrate the interiors and at the same time minimizes its impact on the internal temperature through effective solar control. Stopray Vision-52, Stopray Vision-62 and their thermally toughened versions Stopray Vision-52T and Stopray Vision-62T are two new AGC products with improved technology.

The double silver coating of this glass is highly selective and provides exceptional protection against heat and sun radiation due to solar factors 33% (Stopray Vision-62) and 27% (Stopray Vision-52). 62% or 52% of visible light penetrates through this glass – it uses daylight effectively to fill all rooms with light throughout the year. With a Ug value of only 1.0 W/(m2K), this glazing provides excellent protection at low temperatures, which reduces heating costs and has a positive impact on the environment.

The tempered variants of this glass can be bent and further processed by printing or other techniques. However, the biggest benefit for applications used in high-level architectural projects is that the individual products fit well together, which means that variants of this glass can be easily installed next to each other on the facade and, for example, flat and bent glass can be combined. This is made possible mainly by the same colour-neutral appearance and colour stability, which is maintained even when viewed from an acute angle.

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