Lakhta Center

Lakhta Center is a skyscraper towering over the Primorsky business district on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, Russia. It is an ultra-modern complex that connects office space (including Gazprom's headquarters) with recreational and cultural facilities.

The building was designed by British architect Tony Kettle together with the Russian architectural office Gorprojekt CJCS. The complex consists of a 462 m high tower over a boomerang-shaped multifunctional building with a maximum of only 80 m in height (individual parts of this multifunctional building have 7 to 17 floors). A 24 m high arch serves as main entrance to the Lakhta Center.

Lakhta Center has been awarded LEED Platinum CertifiedTM. The whole project was built in the spirit of sustainability and energy-efficient glass was used everywhere.

Innovative glass solutions were used to glaze the tower and the multifunctional building:

  • 16,595 insulating double glazing panes were specially produced for this project.
  • Each insulating double glass is characterized by a complex high-tech design in the form of a curved parallelogram with a height of 4.2 m and a weight of 740 kg. The production of this glazing was provided by the AGC Interpane plant in Germany.
  • Laminated safety glass was used on the outside of the insulating double glazing, which consists of glass with solar control ipasol Bright White and multifunctional glass Stopray Vision-72T. Such a combination of different glass types increases the solidity of the outer shell of insulating glazing, thus increasing safety and protection against cold winds.
  • ipasol Bright White design glass ensures the attractive aesthetics of the complex and at the same time provides optimal light transmittance and solar control.
  • Stopray Vision improves the solar control function of the outer glass and ensures energy efficiency of the panoramic glazing.
  • On the inside of this innovative insulating double glazing, Planibel Linea Azzurra glass with its transparent bluish edges was used, which creates an amazing shimmering effect on the outside of the building.

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