AGC glass factory in Kryry is celebrating 30 years: come to the open day!

The AGC production and processing plant in Kryry will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its modern operation on Saturday, August 26. We invite you to a tour of the production and processing plant as well as an all-day entertainment programme not only for children.

The history of the Kryra glassworks began as early as 1908 with the founding by Kupfer und Gläser company, and from the very beginning mirrors and flat glass for the furniture industry were produced here. Until 1991, the glass factory was known under the name Sklo Union (i.e. part of the then glass concern). In 1991, the majority share of Sklo Union was bought by the Belgian company Glaverbel, which decided to invest here. The old plant was completely demolished and a brand new plant was built on the site. The construction lasted 2 years, during which the glass factory moved to the temporary space of the agricultural cooperative in Očihov. And in 1993, the modern history of the glass factory begins to be written, the 30th anniversary of which we are commemorating this year.

While the product range has not fundamentally changed, the company name has. The glass factory was temporarily called Glavunion (a combination of the names of the companies Sklo Union and Glaverbel), then Glaverbel (like all European units owned by this company) and finally AGC.

Currently, the production plants AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s., the Kryry plant and the processing plant AGC Processing Teplice a.s., the Kryry plant are part of the AGC Group (Asahi Glass Company), i.e. a Japanese company that has a more than 100-year tradition (not only) in the glass industry. Both companies employ around 150 workers and are an important long-term regional employer. Most of the employees are from Kryr, Vroutek, Podbořany and the surrounding area.

The AGC plant in Kryry specializes in the production of flat glass products, especially large-format mirrors (Mirox), painted glass (Lacobel and Matelac) and flat glass processing (cutting, grinding, drilling, silk-screen printing, heat treatment, etc.) for interior and industrial applications. Customers are therefore companies that manufacture furniture, shower enclosures, aquariums, large-format displays or photovoltaic panels. The company produces up to 8 million sqms of mirrors and processed flat glass annually.

It is believed that everyone has at least one product from our glass factory at home - it can be a mirror, glass in the shower, interior door filling, glass cladding made of painted glass, glass furniture doors or a photovoltaic power plant. In the years 1998 - 2001, the glass factory was also the main supplier of unframed mirrors for the IKEA retail chain.

In the non-residential sector, you can find Kryry products, for example, on information totems at town halls, on signs on train station platforms that inform about train departures, industrial lighting covers or, for example, in the McDonald's fast food chain, where glass from our glass factory is used for displays for self-service ordering.

The 30th anniversary of the construction of the new plant in Kryry will be commemorated on Saturday, August 26 - tours of the plants are available from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the AGC premises in Tovární Street. We would like to inform those interested in the tour that for safety reasons (working with glass) entry is only permitted with long trousers and closed shoes. In the afternoon, an entertainment family programme and a concert by three bands are prepared in the summer cinema. You can find the programme on the poster below.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kryry!

The AGC team

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