A unique Designblok Cosmos exhibition with mirrors by AGC is launching to Milan Design Week

A unique Designblok Cosmos exhibition with mirrors by AGC is launching to Milan to the world’s most prestigious design fair to present the best of the contemporary Czech glass works. In a cosmic gallery mounted on a space-age six-wheeler Designblok Cosmos is bringing ten original glass works made by ten foremost contemporary Czech designers with audiovisual show overlooking the infinite vistas of space. Through experimenting with glass – the traditional Czech material – the exhibited objects present unique design approaches, fine craftsmanship and the Czech glass masters’ know-how, while showing the diverse technologies and most cutting-edge production methods used in Czech glass factories and workshops.

Designblok, Prague International Design Festival is taking the travelling exhibition project abroad for the very first time. At Milan Design Week – the largest world design fair – its sleek beauty will certainly attract the interest of thousands of design lovers along with foremost experts, curators, gallerists and salespeople. Designblok Cosmos will land at the prestigious Superdesign Show at Superstudio Più, part of the Zona Tortona complex inside the heart of Milan, running from 15 - 21 April 2024, and the entrance to the exhibition is free.

The concept for this exceptional show developed in conversation among the Designblok team and the PPF Foundation, who were searching for ways to spread awareness about Czech design in the world. For over twenty-five years, Designblok has been cultivating the Czech design scene by collaborating with renowned designers, supporting young artists, connecting makers with industry representatives, spreading awareness among the general public and representing Czech design on the international scene.

The curatorial selection of Designblok’s director Jana Zielinski and creative director Jiří Macek presents those artists and makers who have been closely connected to the festival since its inception – Jakub Berdych Karpelis, DECHEM studio, Lucie Koldová, Václav Mlynář, Lukáš Novák, Jiří Pelcl, Rony Plesl, Tadeáš Podracký, Maxim Velčovský and Jan Plecháč, who is also the mastermind behind the exhibition’s innovative architectural presentation.

A freight trailer was custom fitted for exhibiting purposes and, once parked in the intended location, it provides an exhibition space of 65 m2. The capsule’s outside is draped in a silver reflexive casing and the interior is covered with more than 170 Mirox 4Green+ lead-free mirrors with water-based coating, made in ecological fashion by AGC Glass Europe, the partner of the exhibition.

“The producers’ idea to cover the interior of the Designblok Cosmos exhibition with mirrors was inspired by the motif of infinity. And because we recently launched to market our premium Mirox 4Green+ – an ecological, lead-free mirror with a water-based coating – the cooperation with Designblok was an ideal opportunity to present it to the public. Over 170 mirrors were produced in the Kryry glassworks for the Designblok Cosmos exhibition. We are a proud partner of Designblok and are overjoyed that the magical mirroring experience inside the exhibition will be made possible with glass produced by AGC,” says Petra Takáčová, marketing communications manager for Central Europe, AGC Flat Glass Czech and the exhibition’s partner.

The Designblok Cosmos exhibition is fantastic, walking a path of true quality, and I cannot wait until I see it in Milan,” says designer, art director and Superdesign Show’s co-creator Giulio Cappellini.

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