Innovative mirrors Mirox 4Green+ will shine at the unique exhibition Designblok Cosmos

The universe of Czech design will park at Prague Castle. Designblok, the most important design festival in Central and Eastern Europe, revealed the shape of the expected main exhibition Designblok Cosmos. Mirrors from AGC flash on it. A mobile gallery containing ten original artworks of glass by dozen of top designers will be presented for the first time on October 3 - 15, 2023, precisely as part of the Designblok in the premises of the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle.

AGC is a proud partner of the exhibition and supplier of Mirox 4Green+ premium glass. For the Designblok Cosmos exhibition, some 190 panels of these mirrors were produced in the Kryry glassworks. These are ecological lead-free mirrors equipped with water-based varnish. The mirrors are literally glued all over the gallery using the FIX-IN bonding system certified by AGC and were installed in cooperation with Sklenářství Komplet.

Don't miss the magical experience of endless mirroring inside a unique gallery and visit Designblok!

Designblok Cosmos_01.jpg  Designblok Cosmos_02.jpg  Designblok Cosmos_03.jpg  Designblok Cosmos_04.jpg  Designblok Cosmos_05.jpg  Designblok Cosmos_06.jpg  Designblok.JPG

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