AGC is a proud partner of the Re/Creation exhibition

The Nový Bor-based Lasvit is a global leader in the field of handcrafted glass. The company participates annually in the prestigious Milan Design Week, and at this year's edition, it presented the exhibition "Re/Creation," at the heart of which was an installation of blown glass by Lasvit's Art Director Maxim Velčovský. The centerpiece of the exhibition, located in the enchanting spaces of Palazzo Isimbardi, was an installation called "Porta" - it consisted of seven large-format panels of blown glass with handcrafted relief (the largest panel was nearly five meters) and is a demonstration of the endless pushing of the boundaries of architectural glass design and craftsmanship. The exhibition was visited by thousands of visitors and captivated the professional public to such an extent that Lasvit managed to win the Fuorisalone award for the best exhibition out of more than a thousand presented projects.

AGC was a proud partner of this exhibition, for which it provided the glass and its heat  treatment. The glass used for the ReCreation art show is the extra clear base glass Planibel Clearvision with a thickness of 12 mm. The glass sheets were heat treated (tempered) at the AGC Processing Teplice plant and laminated by the company OGB.

Special thanks also go to Maxim Velčovský for co-authoring the Designblok Cosmos exhibition with our innovative ecological mirrors Mirox 4Green+.

Congratulations and we look forward to further collaboration!

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