The tallest residential high-rise building in the Czech Republic impresses with timeless technological solutions

The construction of the V Tower, the largest residential building in the country, garnered attention at home and abroad. This project was to provide a unique combination of amenities, design, size, thoughtful detail and technology as no other building in the Czech Republic before. And now, two years after completion, the used technological solutions are also making publicity.

The V Tower is a 30-storey and 104-meter-high skyscraper, which includes 130 luxury apartments with breath-taking view of Prague and the surrounding area. The name V Tower corresponds to the shape of the building, which consists of two towers opening in the shape of the letter V. The towers gradually spread out obliquely, the most sloping wall in the last 30th floor with a floor plan of two rectangles significantly protrudes from the ground floor projection of the ground floor, and so it actually "hovers above ground".

Unique glazing of the external part of the building.

In addition, the priority of the project was environmental friendliness, which is ensured by state-of-the-art technologies, which not only contribute to the ecological operation of the entire building, but also significantly reduce operating costs. An example is the glazing of the external part of the building so that there is no unpleasant reflection of the glass upon the Hradčany panorama. The glass was produced and delivered by AGC Glass Europe, using iplus Energy N glass, which has excellent thermal insulation properties, high solar gains and high light transmission.

In addition, the surface treatment of the glass is resistant to scratches and damage. Thanks to these thermal insulation properties, the interiors are warm in the winter without the need to compromise on the requirements for natural lighting, while the implemented solar control prevents overheating. The total glazed area amounts to an incredible 10,000 m2.

The facade cladding was done by Sipral, which called the project "House for a Prague of the 21st Century". The project has already received the prestigious LEED Platinum pre-certification, which is not only a guarantee of comprehensive sustainability, but also the energy efficiency and high quality of the indoor environment, ensured by the quality of AGC glass and the Sipral facade cladding.

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