Clearsight – Anti-reflective glass

AGC Glass Europe presents its new exclusive anti-reflective glass: Clearsight

A special anti-reflective coating helps minimize glare and reduces light reflection to just 0.8%, which is significantly lower than for conventional flat glass. For this reason, it is ideal for applications in museums and shop windows.

Less reflection

Ordinary float glass, which is used for shop windows or exhibition areas, usually has a visible light reflection of up to 8%, which leads to the so-called mirror effect, which is unpleasant for both shoppers and museum visitors, objects behind the glass are barely visible, and expensive lighting systems must be used to prevent mirroring.

Clearsight glass is provided with a special coating on both sides, which reduces the reflection of light on the glass surface to only 0.8%. The result is an almost invisible sheet of glass offering a more contrasting view of the objects behind it. It is therefore ideal for applications in museums and shop windows, where paintings or exhibited objects can be better seen behind the glass.

Thanks to the magnetron deposition technology used by AGC, Clearsight glass coating is very durable and suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications.

Increased scratch resistance and high transparency

Clearsight also exhibits increased scratch resistance, which is another advantage for use on shop windows and in exhibition areas with heavy visitor traffic.

Clearsight on highly transparent AGC float glass offers increased light transmittance. When applied to facades, more light enters the building and aesthetic properties have also been improved.

Clearsight can be laminated and used in insulating glazing.

More information about the product can be found in the Products – Clearsight section.

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