Generali Tower

The 44-story Generali Tower, 191 m high, is the second tallest skyscraper in the CityLife complex, a 366,000 m² reconstruction that was previously occupied by the Milan exhibition centre. At the base of the tower, which has a total floor area of about 67,000 m², is a public square and a shopping area.

The Generali Tower project, designed by British-born Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, is also known as lo Storto ("the curved one") due to the spiral twist around the vertical axis, which becomes less pronounced as it rises above street level.

Generali Tower excels in efficiency on all international scales while adhering to the strict local building regulations in force in Milan. The double facade of blinds protecting from sunlight and the glazing AGC Sunergy Clear and Stopray Vision-50T ensure excellent energy performance and have contributed to Generali Tower's LEED Platinum certification.

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