Kallmorgen Tower

AGC Glass Europe participated in the modernization of the Kallmorgen Tower, an office complex in central Hamburg, made of glass and steel and named after the renowned architect Werner Kallmorgen.

The tower, formerly known as the "IBM Skyscraper", has been completely modernized. Thanks to its symmetrical and linear architecture, it has become a symbol of urban adaptation and transformation taking place in Hamburg, which aims to connect the past, present and future.

AGC has supplied ipasol ultraselect 62/29 glass for the facades of this iconic building, which provides sun protection and is particularly suitable for office buildings, as it meets the seemingly incompatible requirements on modern architectural glazing: it combines an elegant neutral appearance with excellent light and energy performance.

ipasol glass has a high level of selectivity (1.89), as well as excellent transmittance of natural light and excellent thermal insulation properties. It presents an ideal solution in terms of reducing air conditioning and heating costs and guarantees exceptional comfort in the interiors.

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