AGC as a Gold Partner of the ČKLOP 2023 conference

The 16th year of the national conference of the Czech Chamber of Lightweight Building Envelopes is called Facades 2023: energy, technology, trends. The conference is devoted to these topics in an effort to clarify the issue of energy use in that part of the building, which is called the light envelope. Every physical and technical measure provokes a reaction that is often completely opposite to the original intention. Therefore, it is necessary to search for the optimal position and balance of individual parameters, which stand at the beginning of the project itself, through a deeper investigation and understanding of the entire issue. The ability to balance and adjust all the parameters so that the building works properly is a task for qualified professionals and skilled craftsmen.

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Again this year, a number of foreign and Czech experts will speak on the mentioned topic, who will provide a lot of information that will fundamentally relate to this field. Foreign contributions will be interpreted simultaneously.

AGC is the Gold Partner of the conference and our colleague Bassel Glore will give a lecture on the "Energy generating façades for sustainable cities" - BIPV - as part of the program.

We will be happy to present you exceptional glass solutions at the AGC stand in the hall.

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