A stunning addition to the Gothenburg skyline

Kineum (from the Greek kineo, to set in motion) is a high-rise building located at Drakegatan 6 in the Gårda district of Gothenburg, Sweden. Completed in 2022, the 28-storey tower is one of the tallest buildings in Scandinavia and home to offices, a hotel, restaurants, a flower shop, a gym, a roof terrace and a swimming pool.

What makes this structure so unique is the slanted, diamond-shaped glass roof, forming a fifth facade and enhancing the feeling of verticality, like an elegant silhouette.

The facade’s characteristic appearance is the result of more than a thousand elements (covering 8,700 m²) made of AGC Stopray Vision-52T toughened solar control glass combined with aluminium profiles. The elements are based on the biggest jumbo size flat glass panels available (3.20 x 6.00 meters), divided into six triangles in order to minimise waste, with around a hundred single-storey-high glass triangles per floor. The glass panels are held in place by a unique aluminium profile system in which the profiles are thickest where they intersect, protruding half a metre. The thickness at these intersections has been carefully calculated to help reduce solar heat load, creating a balance between the transparent and opaque parts of the facade and ensuring pleasant natural light throughput for the offices and hotel rooms.

The building has been awarded BREEAM Excellent certification.


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