Planibel Easy – Easy-clean glass

AGC Glass Europe introduces Planibel Easy glass

Planibel Easy Clear and Planibel Easy Blue possess a special coating that makes it much easier to keep your windows and your winter garden spik and span.

The special coating applied to the glazing works in two steps, using daylight (5 to 7 days) to destroy organic dirt and subsequent rain to remove it. This makes it an ideal choice for winter gardens, skylights and windows. In addition, Planibel Easy Clear and Planibel Easy Blue can be combined in insulating double glazing with other AGC products, such as low-emissivity (low-e) glass.


  • Effortless cleaning of windows, because UV radiation activates the coating (even in cloudy weather), which destroys organic impurities and the rain then washes them away.
  • The coating helps to evenly disperse water on the glass surface. This results in uniform cleaning of the glass surface and rapid drying.
  • Thanks to its neutral appearance, it is practically indistinguishable from standard insulating glass.
  • High light transmittance provides more natural light in the interiors.
  • The special pyrolytic coating guarantees high durability.
  • Independently tested according to EN 1096-5 by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering & Tho, Films IST.

More information about the product can be found in the Products – Planibel Easy section.

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