Mirox 4Green – Fully ecological mirror

AGC Glass Europe introduces the lead-free Mirox 4Green mirror

In line with the idea of sustainable development, AGC Glass Europe is launching the fully environmentally friendly lead-free Mirox 4Green mirror. A special two-layer varnish without lead provides excellent corrosion protection for the silver coating.

This product is contaminated with lead only to a limited extent (0.004% or 40 ppm) from other natural materials used in the varnish manufacture. Mirox 4Green mirrors are made with the same technology as Mirox MNGE and are just as easy to process.

Ideal for backlit applications

Mirox 4Green mirrors are made with the same technology as Mirox MNGE, they are just as easy to process and possess the same high quality parameters. Due to its complete opacity, Mirox 4Green is ideal for backlit applications*. Both products are easily distinguished in the warehouse thanks to the printed mark on the back of the mirror.

Improved Cradle to Cradle certification

In addition to eliminating large amounts of toxic products such as copper, ammonia and lead, AGC is working hard to develop mirrors that do not reduce indoor air quality. Mirox mirrors have very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and very low levels of formaldehyde.

The Mirox MNGE is certified with Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Bronze, while, due to its improved composition, the Mirox 4Green is certified with Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Silver.

Compatible with FIX-IN, the AGC system for bonding glass

The Mirox 4Green and Mirox MNGE mirrors are available in five colours: Clear, Clearvision, Bronze, Grey and Black. The mirrors can be installed using the AGC FIX-IN glass bonding system, which is available at www.agc-store.com.

*The fully opaque Mirox 4Green preserves the diffusion of light inside the sandblasted part and ensures thus perfect aesthetics.

More information about the product can be found at www.agc-yourglass.com.

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