Watch the premiere episode of the program Miracles of Nature with us

Saturday 1/10/2022 at 20:10 on CT1

The main heroes this time will be falcons nesting on one of the chimneys of the Řetenice plant in our AGC glass factory in Teplice.

Can Vladimír Kořen ring the baby falcons? What about Maroš Kramár? Will he dare and climb the chimney to a height of 87 m?

The peregrine falcon is a critically endangered raptor. Around 120 occupied territories are proven throughout the Czech Republic, which proves how rare this species is. And so it's nice that they chose a falcon as one of their nesting grounds and one of the chimneys in the Retenice plant of our Teplice glass factory AGC. It has been nesting here since 2014 and this year the female laid three eggs, from which two chicks hatched. Falcons are territorial birds and therefore only one pair will be nesting on the AGC grounds at any one time. Even so, it is a success and it is good that our chimneys are not only used for the production of glass.


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