AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s. was awarded the Region Governor's Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

On 1 December 2022, AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s. was awarded the Region Governor's Award for Corporate Social Responsibility and won in the category of large enterprises with more than 250 employees. AGC Automotive Czech a.s. came second in this category, and Orlen Unipetrol came third.

The aim of the competition is to recognise organisations in the Ústecký Region that are active in the field of social responsibility. Responsible behaviour represents the voluntary assumption of co-responsibility for the well-being and sustainable development of modern society. Socially responsible organisations place compliance with the obligations imposed by law at the top of their agenda and, above and beyond this, apply responsible and ethical behaviour towards their environment. This strategy strengthens the credibility of the organisation in the eyes of customers, partners, and society as a whole and becomes an important non-financial indicator of the organisation's performance.

The mission of the Governor's Award for Corporate Social Responsibility is to promote social responsibility and sustainable development through the feedback provided to organisations by an independent evaluator. This provides organisations with an objective view of their level of social responsibility performance and can set a good example for other organisations. The Governor's Award for Social Responsibility strengthens social awareness of what social responsibility means and its relevance and meaning in practical life.

AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s. managed to win for the fourth time in its history in one of the main categories of the sixth year of this competition, which is organised by the Economic and Social Council of the Ústecký Region together with the Ústecký Region and the Quality Council of the Czech Republic.

FK Teplice a.s. also achieved a significant success. In the category of small enterprises up to 50 employees, it managed to win for the second time.

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