Artlite ProNatura

In collaboration with ornithologists, AGC glassworks has developed glass for the protection of birds

One of the current topics that architecture has been dealing with, is the protection of birds from hitting glass. Ornithologists estimate that up to 100 million birds die in Europe every year due to flying into glass surfaces, thus we are facing a problem that needs to be addressed. A flying bird sees the reflection of the landscape in the glass and therefore doesn’t consider it an obstacle.

Thus glass surfaces, which are constantly increasing all around, must be made "visible".

The riskiest places for birds in big cities include high-rise office buildings and shopping malls with glass facades, as well as windows in tenement and detached houses and glass surfaces in soundproof walls. In medium-sized and smaller towns or villages, birds are also seen hitting glass surfaces at public transport stops.

People who want to help, provide glass surfaces with various stickers and films, often of their own production. They mistakenly stick silhouettes of predators on the glass, which doesn’t help and doesn’t deter birds from flying “through glass”. People are finding creative solutions by pulling blinds or placing bird repellents, feeders or hanging strings in front of windows.

However, none of these efforts work completely as protection against birds colliding with glass. Birds are not impressed by the shapes or silhouettes in the pattern, but they are sensitive to their density. If the warning pattern is dense enough, it averts birds to the impenetrability of the glass, and birds avoid it.

When looking for a bird-friendly solution, AGC Teplice glassworks concentrated on printing on glass and, in cooperation with the Czech Ornithological Society, developed a completely unique pattern, designed to protect birds from hitting glass. By applying this pattern to the glass by screen printing, Artlite ProNatura is created, i.e. a glass safe for birds. Like this, glass is no longer a deadly trap for birds, but only serves its purpose to connect the interiors with the outside environment.

Artlite ProNatura is thermally toughened (tempered) glass, which is provided with a permanent functional pattern and is characterized not only by safety parameters, but also resistance to aging, moisture, abrasion and UV radiation and offers countless design options from simple geometric patterns to custom made motifs.

Why Artlite ProNatura glass?

  • Safety solution
  • Printed glass that is safe for birds, and which has excellent mechanical strength and provides excellent protection for people and property.
  • High durability
  • The patterns used are resistant to aging, moisture, abrasion and UV radiation.
  • Unlimited colour variants
  • You can choose any colour from the RAL chart, metallic shades or matt enamels. It is also possible to order a custom colour.

Possible applications

  • All-glass doors, walls and partitions
  • Railings, floors and stairs
  • Glass facades and windows
  • Public transport stops

If you are interested in the design and production of printed glass and its processing or installation, please contact our specialists from AGC glassworks:

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Product Manager for Processed Glass

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