Thanks to Clearsight glass, AGC gained valuable points in the sanctuary of English rugby

AGC-supplied Clearsight glass has become a key element in the facade glazing of the eastern grandstand at Twickenham Stadium, which reopened in December 2018.

The extension of the eastern grandstand, designed by the KSS architectural office for the Rugby Football Union, provides more than 11,600 m2 of space for VIP ticket holders and owners of debenture seats on six levels.

The use of anti-reflective glass was an important requirement for the facade, given the conditions specified by the local authorities. Prater Ltd, a leading building facade specialist in the United Kingdom, has installed over 900 m2 of Clearsight glazing in combination with energy-efficient glass.

Clearsight glass from AGC is provided with a special coating that can be applied on one or both sides to reduce light reflectance of the glass surface to less than 1%, here specifically to 0.8%, and to minimize glare. Clearsight can be characterized as thermally toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass to increase safety and protection depending on the requirements of the project.

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