Stopray Ultra-70 on Clearvision and Stopray Titanium 34T

AGC launches two new solar protection coatings this fall: Stopray Ultra-70 on Clearvision and Stopray Titanium 34T, thus responding to market development and customer expectations and coming up with best high-performance products.

AGC products with solar control are high-tech glass products that can meet today's ever higher energy and aesthetic requirements. The Stopray products are provided with a coating with excellent parameters ensuring optimal solar control in the summer months, while in winter their exceptionally low Ug value prevents heat loss.

Stopray Ultra-70 on Clearvision

A new glass with a soft coating and excellent parameters, which is provided with a triple silver coating maximizing light transmission and significantly reducing heat gains from solar radiation. This new coating, which architects are favouring for its low internal and external light reflection, is a natural choice for glass processors due to its flexible processing options. Stopray Ultra-70 on Clearvision has 70% light transmittance, solar factor 33 and a selectivity of 2.10 with low internal and external light reflection. It is a product used mostly on the facades of office buildings.

Stopray Titanium 34T

Stopray Titanium 34T is a unique glass product with a heat-treatable magnetron coating. This unique glass is unparalleled on the market. Its high level of solar control and the exceptional light and energy parameters make it an ideal choice for hot climates. This product with grey stained glass in its mass is highly valued for its low internal and external light reflection and exceptional aesthetic appearance, which gives designers and architects enough space to really play with the appearance of the building.

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