Planibel Easy – Easy-clean glass

Planibel Easy special glass is made with a unique hard coating, which allows easy cleaning of insulating glass. This makes it easy to keep windows always clean, as for a winter garden for example. This range includes the products Planibel Easy Clear and Planibel Easy Blue.

It's so easy

With Planibel Easy Clear and Planibel Easy Blue, it is now much easier to keep your windows and your winter garden spik and span. The special Easy coating offers a neutral appearance of your glazing, it is practically indistinguishable from standard glass.

How does it work?

The special coating applied to the glazing works in two steps, using daylight (5 to 7 days) to destroy organic dirt and subsequent rain to remove it. The entire glass surface is cleaned in a uniform way with subsequent rapid drying. All this has been tested by an independent institute according to the relevant standards.

Where to use it?

Due to its properties, your winter garden or roof glazing is the ideal place to use Planibel Easy glass. It is such places that are most often soiled and their maintenance is very expensive and time consuming. In combination with other glass from AGC, a suitable insulating glass can be prepared just for your needs. You can gain more natural light in your interiors!

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