WaveTrap – Protect what matters

WaveTrap is a transparent electromagnetic wave shielding glass. It blocks unwanted electromagnetic radiation, fuses all glass must-have properties, and offers tailored-to-fit selective magnetic shielding. But most importantly, lets in the natural light and keeps your outside view.

Cybersecurity – care, don’t share!

WaveTrap helps you solve your cybersecurity system and protect confidential information and valuable data.

Perfect for proximity attacks and wireless network attacks. How? By strengthening the resilience of your system and optimizing shielding performance.

Electrosmog - feel at ease and achieve inner piece

WaveTrap is a solution that will help you create a safe and healthy home without unwanted exposure to electrosmog.

Perfect for blocking out unwanted outside factors and reducing daily exposure to radiation. How? By designing the optimal shielding solution for your project and adding selective shielding as another of your desired glazing features.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) - be smart from the start

WaveTrap increases the resistance of wireless communications and sensitive electronic systems to the unwanted effects of electromagnetic interference.

Perfect for improving the performance and reliability of devices in professional facilities such as health care, automated manufacturing, information-critical infrastructure and others. How? By designing a tailor-made shielding solution and ensuring a high level of shielding.

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For more information, technical specifications and parameters visit www.wavebyagc.com

More information on electrosmog on www.bezelektrosmogu.cz

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