Thermobel VIP – Insulating glass with vacuum insulation panel

Thermobel VIP is insulating glazing in which a vacuum insulation panel is integrated. It thus offers unique thermal insulation properties and is suitable for all-glass facade systems, especially for the parapet parts of the facade.

Maximum thermal insulation

Vacuum insulation panels integrated into insulating glazing result in optimal thermal insulation. Thermobel VIP is insulating glazing, which is designed for glass panels between windows, so-called parapets. Thanks to new technologies used, Thermobel VIP glass achieves the thermal insulation value Ug of up to 0.15 W/(m2.K) with a total glazing thickness of 46 mm, including VIP panel.


Thermobel VIP is characterized by very high insulation parameters: Ug ranges from 0.3 to 0.15 W/(m2.K) while maintaining a very thin overall glazing – between 30 mm and 46 mm. Parapet glazing can therefore be installed into the same profile as the entire facade, thus saving time and materials.

A perfect combination of materials

Thermobel® VIP glazing is manufactured on the principle of insulating glass. The outer opaque glass pane can be made of Colorbel enamelled glass in a wide range of RAL colours, or it can be made of Lacobel T glass in a range of 10 colours. Inside the hermetically sealed cavity, there is a vacuum insulation panel, which ensures optimal thermal as well as noise insulation.

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