Thermobel STORE – Insulating glazing with interlayer blind

Thermobel STORE is insulating glazing with an integrated blind from Screenline – dynamic glazing that offers optimal comfort to users all year round. Enjoy maintenance-free shading elements inside your insulation window.

Unique shading technology

Insulating glazing with integrated interlayer blind offers a unique solution for shading your interior. The blinds are offered in insulating double glazing or triple glazing. They provide maximum protection against sun glare and at the same time help to prevent overheating of the building interiors. The unique manufacturing technology of the blinds and the insulating glazing ensure long service life of the entire system.

Why Thermobel STORE?

We are talking about a completely maintenance-free active shading solution. The blinds remain clean and without wear. Enjoy the timeless appearance of blinds and an undisturbed architectural and interior design solution. Long warranty on all product types.

A wide range of products in terms of control and colour variants. Easy implementation in an already built house – no outdoor box is necessary (as in case of external blinds). A suitable product for allergy sufferers, families with children and homes with pets.

Wide product portfolio

The basic product range offers three shading options (horizontal, pleated and roller blinds) and four control systems. The blinds themselves are available in nine colours, and for almost all blind models, their slats can be rolled out, retracted and, above all, tilted. Depending on your needs, blinds can be supplied with manual or motor control.

Horizontal blinds – System C

One of the most used models of horizontal blinds is the SL22C. The blind is controlled by a system of rotating magnets, where one magnet is placed inside the insulating glazing and the other magnet is on the outside. Control is either mechanical or by means of an external motor. Slat colours can be combined with controller colours. The slats can be tilted, pulled up and pulled down. Maximum glazing surface of up to 5 m2 – larger dimensions must be consulted with AGC.

Horizontal blinds – System S

The SL20S offers manual control using a sliding magnet system. Thanks to this system, blinds can be operated very quickly in all three directions. The magnetic motor can be placed in any right or left part of the window and fits into all types of window profiles. A maximum fully functional blind is offered for a surface area of up to 3.3 m2.

Horizontal blinds – System W

The latest blind model is the SL22W, which is powered by a photovoltaic cell and the slats are motorized. The photovoltaic cell is located on the outside of the frame profile and the motor control is located on the profile inside. The system can be integrated into standard window frames. The blind can be controlled either manually or using a remote control. The maximum surface area is approx. 3 m2.

Horizontal blinds – System M

The SL27M universal blind is operated by a motorized system. A blind can have either a motor on the outside of the insulating glazing or, if necessary, several blinds can be operated mutually from a central place. The whole system can be connected to the central control of the building, and thus sun glare or the transmission of solar energy can be controlled centrally. Please consult with AGC for complete capabilities of this system.

Versatile use

Depending on the use of the integrated blind, it is advisable to choose the right type of product. The ideal places to use Thermobel Store integrated blinds:

  • Detached houses: winter gardens, atriums, skylights, large glazed areas in the living room
  • Clean environment: outpatient depts., hospitals, clinics, intensive care units
  • Public spaces: schools, partitions, meeting rooms

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