Thermobel Comfort – Glazing for historically protected buildings

Thermobel Comfort is insulating glazing, which is especially suitable for the modernization of historically protected buildings. A special glazing composition replaces the original casement windows and offers the best thermal insulation properties.

Windows in historic buildings

Casement windows are suitable for old houses with the need to observe conditions for protected zones. Contemporary casement windows are produced by using modern technology and for an ideal solution, they must be fitted with glass with the best thermal insulation properties.

Better living comfort

Thermobel Comfort is the solution for glazing in buildings, where the historical appearance of protected zones must be maintained. This preserves the appearance of the original glazing with parameters almost at the level of insulating triple glazing. Due to the very limited space in the original glazing, obtaining high thermal insulation from the glass is of key importance.

Composition of the product

Thermobel Comfort represents the current state-of-the-art for glazing for casement windows. The first pane of outer glass is glass with a pyrolytic layer of Planibel Pure Comfort 10 and the second pane is made of insulating double glazing. Thermobel Comfort has almost characteristics of insulating triple glazing, as it achieves the parameter for thermal insulation Ug = 0.7 W/m2.K.

A complete solution for your project

Thermobel Comfort can be combined with other glass from AGC. For example, the use of the laminated safety glass Stratobel in the composition 33.2 as the inside pane in insulating double glazing has the effect that building users are protected from shards from accidental breakage of the window, as the proposed glass is certified in safety classes 1B1 and P2A.

Brochure for downloading

For more product information, please download the current version of the Thermobel Comfort catalogue.

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