Stratobel – Laminated safety glass

The wide range of Stratobel laminated safety glass ensures the protection of people and property. Thanks to the innumerable properties of safety glass, it is possible to protect people from injury or falling and to protect property against burglary and vandalism.

Glazing composition

Laminated safety glass consists of two or more sheets of glass and one or more interlayers (PVB films). If the glass breaks, most of the fragments stick to the PVB film.

The multilayer composition ensures the mechanical strength of the glass. Depending on the respective composition (number of glass sheets and interlayers), different levels of safety are guaranteed.

Every time a different look

Transparent security is valued by architects for its translucence, durability and safety features. In terms of shades, patterns, motifs and the composition itself, possibilities are almost limitless. Also, by combining several films of the same shade, the desired degree of opacity is achieved. Stratobel represents endless possibilities of use for all architectural applications.

Stratobel offers protection

The principle of layering glass panes and interlayers allows for a large variety of applications. By combining products from the wide range of AGC glass, it is possible to achieve a combination of safety with other functions such as thermal insulation, solar control and specific design in one product. Depending on the specific composition, the glazing can meet a wide range of safety classes according to the relevant standards.


Where certain levels of protection of persons and property are prescribed, Stratobel is required. Each application has a clearly prescribed glass resistance class to which specific product types correspond. Example: The basic product Stratobel 33.2 not only provides complete protection for people against falling through glazing and accidents, but it also protects your property.

Cradle to Cradle – Environmental friendliness

Stratobel products have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certificate. By actively using Cradle to Cradle-certified products, architects, designers and planners obtain so-called LEED credits. Moreover, in the LEED and BREEAM systems, you can receive points under three main themes: Natural lighting, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

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