Stopray – Solar control glass

The extensive range of Stopray glass with solar control offers a comprehensive solution for your projects. Stopray has high light transmittance and minimal transmission of solar energy. Due to its neutral appearance, it is a frequent choice of architects.

Stopray range – No space for compromise

AGC’s extensive range of glass with solar control coating provides specific solutions that provide the right combination of solar control and thermal insulation properties.

Aesthetics are number one!

From an aesthetic point of view, AGC products are meeting all the requirements. Our offering includes highly transparent and coloured glass, neutral and reflective glass, bent glass, tempered glass and laminated and printed glass. This opens unlimited possibilities for architects! Thanks to the right combination of AGC glass, best fitting products are supplied for each construction project.


A comprehensive range of glass with a very high level of selectivity, i.e. glazing that offers the best choice between a high level of light transmittance and a low level of thermal transmission. All these parameters subsequently reduce the cost of air conditioning for the building in summer and heating during winter.

Products that know no limits

The Stopray glass range is available in a version of annealed glass, and also in a variant of thermally toughened glass Stopray T. The basic format of the product is 600x321 cm, and it is available in thicknesses from 6 mm. The range of glass is divided into three basic groups, where products of the Premium series are so-called Triple Silver Coatings with a selectivity higher than 2.0.


Stopray is mainly used on the facades of tertiary sector and administrative buildings. In some cases, it is also a suitable solution in the residential construction segment, mainly due to its function of reducing the transmission of solar energy. Due to the ever-increasing dimensions of windows, Stopray is the ideal solution!

Cradle to Cradle – Environmental friendliness

Stopray products have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certificate. By actively using Cradle to Cradle-certified products, architects, designers and planners obtain so-called LEED credits. Moreover, in the LEED and BREEAM systems, you can receive points under three main themes: Natural lighting, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

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