Planibel Clear – Basic flat glass

The Planibel Clear range of basic flat glass offers a universal solution for every application. It can be processed in all possible ways. The range consists of the following products: Planibel Clearlite, Planibel Clearvision and Planibel Linea Azzurra.

Natural light in the interiors

Planibel Clearlite offers very good light and energy parameters, thus ensuring greater comfort for households. Light transmission of 91% means more natural light for the indoors, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting and significantly increasing the comfort and well-being of its users.

Exclusive Linea Azzurra

If you are looking for an imaginative material for applications requiring particularly strong glass, then choose Planibel Linea Azzurra. This exclusive clear and thick-walled glass with bluish edges, which gives it a unique look, is probably the only one of its kind in Europe. Designers, artists and architects use it for partitions, design and high-quality furniture, staircases and facades.

Glass enhances colours

Planibel Clearvision is a natural choice wherever crystal clear vision and appearance are important. It is no coincidence that this high-quality, low-iron glass is increasingly used by architects and designers for projects requiring a high degree of transparency or colour enhancement.

Cradle to Cradle – Environmental friendliness

Planibel Clear products have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze certificate. By actively using Cradle to Cradle-certified products, architects, designers and planners obtain so-called LEED credits. Moreover, in the LEED and BREEAM systems, you can receive points under three main themes: Natural lighting, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

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