Luxclear – Anti-corrosion glass with soft coating

Luxclear is a soft-coated glass that has anti-corrosion properties. The special invisible coating has been designed to protect the surface and slow down the aging process when using glass in a humid environment. It prevents the formation of whitish deposits.

Protection for your glass

Luxclear is a clear glass with an invisible magnetron coating on one side. It has been specially designed for shower enclosures and screens or any other application in humid environments. The coating protects the glass surface and significantly slows down the aging process caused by water contact, as it prevents the formation of whitish deposits on the glass surface.

No more milky corrosion and stains on glass

Thanks to the special coating, no corrosion and no stains are visible on Luxclear glass throughout its life, as stated in the AGC 10-year warranty. The industrial production guarantees a long service life of the treatment as well as trouble-free storage and other handling of the product.

Use in humid environment

Luxclear is an ideal solution for shower enclosures, screens and walk-ins. It is also suitable as glazing in swimming pools, botanical gardens and for roofing of winter gardens.

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