Heat-treated glass – Highly durable glass and safety glass

Heat-treated glass is highly resistant to mechanical and thermal stress. They are heat-strengthened, thermally toughened and heat-soaked thermally toughened glass. Today they are mainly used in insulating glass on building facades.

What is heat-treated glass?

We divide heat-treated glass into three basic categories, namely heat-strengthened (semi-tempered), thermally toughened (tempered) and heat-soaked thermally toughened glass (HST). Thanks to the process of heat treatment of flat glass, the mechanical and thermal resistance of glass is increased.

Thermally toughened safety glass

Thermally toughened safety glass, also called tempered glass, is produced by a process of controlled heating and subsequent cooling. Tempered glass is highly resistant to thermal stress, so it can withstand temperature differences of up to 250 °C. The increased mechanical properties of the glass allow for its use especially where there is a requirement for high stability of the glass. If tempered glass is broken, it breaks into small granular particles instead of splintering into jagged shards. Such glass is thus considered as safety glass.

Heat-soaked thermally toughened glass (HST)

Heat-soaked thermally toughened glass, also called HST glass, is produced in the same way as tempered glass and has also the same properties. However, the main difference is the so-called process of artificial aging. This process eliminates the risk of spontaneous cracks in the tempered glass. By AGC it is always recommended for tempered glass, but it is up to the customer, whether they order this extra service.

Heat-strengthened glass

Heat-strengthened glass, also called semi-tempered glass, is glass which is produced by a process of controlled heating and a slow process of controlled cooling. This glass does not break into small granular particles, instead, it breaks into similar shards like standard flat glass. However, semi-tempered glass has higher mechanical and thermal resistance than flat glass. It is used in places where there is a requirement for higher durability of glass and the integrity of the glazing in case of breakage must be ensured.

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