FINEO – Vacuum insulating glazing

FINEO is much more than glass technology: it is pure comfort. This groundbreaking vacuum insulating glass not only delivers amazing energy performance, it also combines exceptional thermal insulation with unprecedent durability. This thin vacuum insulating glass is elegant and sleek.

Vacuum insulating glazing

FINEO insulates as effectively as triple glazing but is lighter and thinner, meaning it can be installed into existing window frames. This often makes FINEO the most economical solution for renovation and restoration projects.

FINEO Solutions - Renovation

Change your glazing, keep your window frames! Thanks to its slimness, FINEO can be integrated into most existing window frames, considerably improving the building’s insulation while reducing renovation costs.

FINEO Solutions – New construction

A window with FINEO, combining finesse and elegance, for your future construction project – it’s possible! FINEO has partnered with the leaders in the window market to offer you the most advanced solution. Aluminium, wood, PVC – you have the choice.

FINEO Solutions – Restoration

Is your project a historical building, where it is essential to preserve the facade? FINEO allows you to keep the existing window frames. In addition, they can be combined with monumental glass, maintaining the aesthetics of your original facade.

The most sustainable solution

FINEO is a sustainable investment as it is 100% recyclable. It also has a long life expectancy without any loss of performance.

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