Clearsight – Anti-reflective glass

Clearsight is an exclusive anti-reflective glass that helps minimize glare and reduces light reflection compared to standard flat glass. Looking at the glazing, the glass appears to be highly transparent, as if it were almost invisible.

Anti-reflective glass

By using Clearsight glass in insulating glazing, we ensure the maximum possible transmission of light and solar energy, thus glazing acquires exceptional significance. It is especially suitable for large glazed surfaces. The final composition of insulating glazing should always be consulted with an AGC representative.

Better and undisturbed viewing experience

The anti-reflective coating offers excellent contrast and colour reproduction, ensuring thus optimal appearance and clarity. When looking past objects that are located behind Clearsight glass, you see bright colours, and objects are not distorted by reflection or colour differences.

Wide range of glass

Clearsight glass is produced in several variants. Such are mainly the variant with one Clearsight coating and one with double-sided coating, which is most effective. Available are the glass thicknesses of 3, 4 and 6 mm, and a variant of safety laminated glass Stratobel Clearsight in the compositions of 44.2 and 66.2. This product is environmentally friendly.

Suitable for shop windows and showcases

Clearsight is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to its properties, it is ideal for use as laminated safety glass in display cases, for museums or as insulating glazing for shop windows, in VIP boxes in stadiums and for larger glazed areas in luxury residential buildings.

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